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Top Mentors Caution Against Downloadable Software – 5 Steps To Protect Yourself

Every where you turn on the internet there appears to be a new business promoting computer software. If you have followed the online business then you have noticed how they have started using home based business structures to sell software programs. But with so many different software, and companies selling software, use caution before pulling out your credit card and downloading some of these software.

Software pieces is nothing new to the computer, or to our local office supply store. The easy solution is when you go to a store you get to see the tangible product in hand. You can rate the quality and see if it can benefit you. The difficulties with downloadable software is all you have to go by is a written description or title of the software. Of course titles are always meant to sell, so that may appear appealing. And a text description is just an ad promoting that product. Any advertisement is going to say they are the best, it will change your life, and the value is extraordinary. Thats its job it doesn’t mean it is true. You are going have to dig deeper then the title or the ad to find out if it holds a real value.

Online resources are offering large quantity of software for discounted prices. With a large number of software, the concern with some consumers, is with the large quantity of software offered are they lacking the quality. There are a few things you can do to protect your investment when looking into downloadable software or products.

1.) Company should offer FREE pieces of Software to Test drive

Test drive any of the computer software that is presented to you. Make sure you have Mentors, Mentoring Team, or a customer service department to assist you with this. It is important if you are buying any product online you want customer service to follow up with, but even more important when the product is downloadable. You don’t want to be stuck with downloads that are of no value to you after you have paid for them.

2.) Complete Instructions

The software may have a nice cover and may suggest the most advanced technology, but do you know how to utilize it? It is suggested that each software piece should come with easy steps to utilizing it. You can check with the customer service department, or a mentor or mentoring team, to assist you in the set up process. When you buy a new piece of furniture for your house you should have written instructions and a customer service line to contact, any downloadable piece is a product and should be no different. Would you buy a big item for your home or car without instructions or customer service? No of course not, we are diligent with tangible products remain diligent with online products and software downloads.

3.) Broken Links and Broken Codes

Make sure that all the software pieces are complete that you wish to download. If you are going with a company that offers a large quantity of software use caution. A lot of software may be appealing just make sure you ask questions. For an example; How many of these pieces actually work? It does make it difficult not to have purchased the program or software yet to know those questions exactly. But look for tricks like, are they placing the same software in several different times. Practices like this may suggest that its because one of the software may have a broken link or code allowing it not to function to its full capabilities.

4.) Is there a recurring cost to any of the software –

You purchased the product there should be no additional charge to continue to use that individual software piece.

5.) Protected Copyright and Resell Codes

Always make sure the product has copyrighted information and a licensing agreement. A real software will have this attached to it. A software that is copied will not have this information available to you. The purpose of the copyrighted information is to protects the buyer or user of the software from having it resold on the Internet for a lesser value then what it is worth. The copyrighted information also gives validation to the original content of the software. As a buyer we know this is not some software illegally copied and resold.

The Internet Market is always changing and updating. As the current online world changes so do the product lines. Software holds no exception. Software pieces have been around for a number of years, so products can date back years ago and hold no real value with today’s technology. Make sure each software is the most modern software available, because as the internet changes so do the software pieces.

Protect your investment and do a lot of research on the companies and products. Knowing some defaults to look will help you to utilize any product base including downloadable products. Knowing what questions to ask and covering all the basis will assist you in protecting your purchase. In conclusion don’t be afraid of the downloadable world of software, as always just know what you are purchasing, and educate yourself on the market place before pulling out your credit card.

6 Tips to Choose Digital Download Software

It is recommend that you ask at least some of the following questions in order to choose the software that is right for you to make profit selling ebooks and other digital products.

1. How much money am I willing to spend on this software?

Digital download software comes in all prices ranges, so you need to look at your business budget, your confidence in your product and how serious you are about this new endeavor. Most of the time spending around the 50.00$ mark can get you an excellent piece of software without breaking your back account.

2. Does the company offer technical support?

It is important to find digital download software that comes with installation instructions, a help forum, instructions on getting started and support with troubleshoots. Be aware that the online business world is a little bit different in that you often times will not have the option to speak on the phone to a real person. Rather than getting frustrated with this, see it as the wave of the future where you will also be headed. Email support is where online business is heading, so sit back and enjoy it.

3. What types of digital files will I be selling, and does this software support these types of files?

It is important to find software that enables you to upload and sell the type of files that you need to sell. So first, figure what kind of files you will be selling and then be sure that your digital download software supports this.

4. Does the company offer a money-back guarantee?

Who doesn’t love a guarantee? Read the details of what the guarantee means from the company you are buying from before you buy it to save yourself frustration in the future.

5. Is the software an open-source code (meaning that it can be changed and customized as your needs change?)

It is great when you can buy digital download software that allows for changes to its functionality in the future. You may or may not have the technical skills to do this, but there are always programmers out there who can do this for you. Having the options for customization will allow you to expand your digital sales in the future.

6. What kind of features does the digital download software offer?

Can you upload images? Does it support many file types? Is it easy to categorize your products? Is it easy for your customers to pay and download their product? What payment gateway is being used? Does the software give you options for how you want to sell your digital files (ie. storefront or stand-alone order page?).